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13th February 2016

Show love for FREE this Valentine’s Day


Firstly, I am aware that Valentines day is not for everyone. As the English would say it’s a marmite topic – you love it or hate it. Originally I was going to do a gift guide for Valentines day, but because we are now so close to the special day I thought why not focus on some FREE ways to show someone you love them! Unfortunately many marking campaigns are very V-Day focused on getting you to spend your hard earned cash this time of year, but really the most thoughtful gifts do not cost a penny.


I am definitely not the best baker but it is something I enjoy doing. Not just for Valentines day, when i’m low on cash and I have a friends Birthday coming up I will usually bake something for them. Cooking for people is something that takes time and effort and is ALWAYS appreciated! If your partner is a chocoholic like me, try out my Avocado Brownie recipe! Don’t be put off by the avocado, they are so yummy and as a plus a little healthier than regular brownies. Look through your pantry, pull out what ingredients you have on hand, and get stuck in to it!


This could come across a little corny but this is another thing I like to do for people sometimes. I’m not talking mushy ‘declaration of love’ poetry, i’m talking silly and funny with lots of inside jokes poetry. Writing something for someone is another way to show someone you have¬†made a real effort and that you care about them! Here’s an example: ‘You’re my fave, you always make me cave, loving you is easy, you give me the heeby geebies.’ You dig?


Pinterest is a wonderful thing! There are so many great DIYs available online for free! I like to make my boyfriend cards when i’m skint, or in the past I made a book with pictures and print out of old messages to tell the story of how we met. Sometimes getting creative isn’t the prettiest, but it does show you seriously care about the person.


This is strictly for people who have flowers growing in their property! Do not steal flowers from private property people! In the past I have picked or bought flowers for my friends and delivered them to their cars, at work or at home, placing them under the windscreen as a little V-Day treat. Again, such a small but thoughtful thing!

What are you planning for Valentines Day? Did you get creative?


Sally xx

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