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1st December 2015

Productivity 101

How often do you get to the end of the week wishing you had achieved more? I know I struggle sometimes getting everything done. I’m definitely not the spokes person for productivity as I am still a rookie, but I have found a few small tips that help me out week to week when I have a lot to do.


Though weekends should be spent relaxing or socialising, I also really prioritise getting a few things done. I have a fairly set routine for Saturdays and Sundays, which some people may find quite rigid but I like routine. On Saturdays I always get my cleaning done. I aim to have everything spick and span by mid morning and that makes me feel like I can accomplish way more for the remainder of the day. On Sundays I like to cook my work lunches for the week(My family zucchini slice recipe coming soon), paint my nails and do the washing. The weeks that I don’t get around to doing these things are the weeks I’m more likely to eat crappy, feel more stressed and spend more time procrastinating.


I don’t know what I would do without lists. Just in my handbag I have a diary and a notebook and I am constantly writing things down there or in my phone. I also have a notebook on my desk at work. Each morning when I arrive I write two lists – work related and non related – of things i’d like to achieve for the day. If there are things that aren’t checked off by the end of the day I’ll write on a new page those things for me to complete the following day, and add to in the next morning.


How often do you arrive at work thinking ‘OMG i’m so busy today! I’m never going to get it all done!’. Little do we know that our brains are automatically making the assumption that we are ‘busy’. This is only an observation, and not a fact – no matter how many items are on your to-do list. Try looking at your day in a different way. Instead of thinking about how busy you are, which causes stress, think about what you need to do and get it done with a positive attitude. Having the mindset that you are busy creates stress, and people who are stressed are much more likely to procrastinate or take longer to complete tasks because their minds are so clouded by the stress! It sounds difficult, but approaching your day this way can make a huge difference.


This is something I struggle with! Sometimes we give ourselves too many things to get done, and other times we can just be lazy. Going back to writing lists, sometimes I will write numbers next to the things in the order of importance. If you only get the first 3 things completed don’t fret! Add them to your list of to do’s for the following day and leave it at that.

I hope some of these ideas resonate with you like they do with me. I think that last point is really important! If you have a lazy week don’t beat yourself up! The beauty of life is that we can make a fresh start whenever we like! Do you have any productivity tips for me? I’d LOVE any advice!


Sally xx


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