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18th February 2016

NutriBullet Review + Smoothie Recipe Ideas


Smoothies have been popular for many years but juicing has been getting bigger more recently. Obviously every person’s body is different so each of these drinks are going to react different depending on our own body.  The basic differences between juicing and blending is that juicing separates juice from the pulp, and when blending nothing is separated or removed. When you juice foods you remove the insoluble fibre from the food (also known as pulp). Though fibre is good for us, when you juice you extract up to 70% of the nutrition from the food and your body absorbs 100% of the nutrients, whereas the body can break down some of those nutrients if the fibre is left in. In short:

Smoothie =         high fibre, slower to digest, slows the absorption of sugar

Juice =                  no fibre, nutrients easier to absorb

In my opinion, both are just as good as each other and have different advantages. I prefer smoothies purely because juicers are a pain to clean and I feel as if I am throwing a lot of my ingredients away due to the amount of waste juicing produces. Now on to the review!

I received my Nutribullet for Christmas from my adoring boyfriend. I had wanted it for over 12 months after I was told by several friends how great it was. The two main Pro’s I saw in this machine are it’s small size and ease in cleaning. It takes up such minimal bench space which is a great plus as I plan on keeping the machine out for regular use. Cleaning it is just as easy as I expected, often the blade only needs a quick rinse under the sink.

The machine comes with several cups, lids and two different blades: an extractor and a milling blade. I have only ever needed the extractor blade as that is the one used for smoothies, the milling blade is for grinding up nuts and seeds. The only issue I have had with the machine thus far is when I overfilled it. The pressure from the liquid loosened the lid and green smoothie went everywhere! Do not overfill your machine people!


I have always enjoyed smoothies but I noticed that I was wasting a lot of my fruit because I wasn’t eating it in time. Luckily recently I came across Simple Green Smoothies! The two founders Jen and Jadah pride themselves on providing free information and recipes which really made me gravitate towards them. If you input your email address into their site they will send you an E-book with enough recipes to last you an entire month! This includes a shopping list for each week which I found amazing. Definitely check them out if you haven’t already.


Now on to the recipes. All three have a spinach base and I PROMISE you will not taste the it. They each serve two people and I recommend blending just your liquid and your spinach first to make sure you don’t get any leafy chunky left over. Also you don’t need to stick to these recipes by any means. Switch ingredients in and out as you please!


 Sally xx

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  • A Juicy Blend

    Lovely review of the Nutribullet – I really enjoyed reading it. Like you, I’ve had various mishaps when I’ve overfilled it, and have learnt through experience to respect the max line! I totally agree with what you say about not tasting the spinach – I use it as a base for most of my smoothies and secretly give myself a pat on the back when I have one for breakfast – no way would I be having greens at that time of the morning otherwise! Thanks again.

    18th March 2016 at 10:34 pm Reply
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