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9th February 2016

Invest in YOU


Firstly, how was everybody’s January? I gotta say my year has been off to a slow start! I came back from my trip to Australia mid January and shortly after I went back to work I had surgery on my nose due to my allergies. This has certainly seen my motivation dip and my procrastination climb! On one hand I wanted to recover while I was off sick from work, but I also wanted to get ahead with my blog and use my time in bed wisely. One thing is for sure – I am set on focusing more time on my self in 2016. These are only a couple of what I believe to be the keys to becoming a more happier you this year.


It is so easy to come home from your day and focus on the negative parts. Your partner might ask you how work was and almost automatically we offload about all the terrible things that happened to us during the past 8 hours. Why not share what good has happened to us today? You can always a positive. Did you receive a smile from a stranger? Did you meet a friend in passing? Did you take special care of a customer at work? Or are you simply lucky enough to be reading this blog post right now on your phone or computer? Be grateful for what you have and live a happier life –  It is really simple.


…of yourself. I have a lot of respect for people who are hustlers and take on a ‘get shit done’ attitude. I do find quite often though I write myself a mammoth to-do list, manage to tick off maybe half of the items, then proceed to beat myself up about not finishing every single task. Am I alone here? I sometimes set the bar so high there is no way of actually achieving everything I set out to complete. It does feel great to tick all the boxes at the end of the day, but sometimes life gets us side tracked.

I am not endorsing laziness of any shape or form, because I know myself that being lazy just makes me feel crappy on the inside. Sometimes though it’s okay to have a quiet day/evening/afternoon. If you don’t get anything done or have had a long week, enjoy a nice night in and do absolutely nothing! Life is there to be enjoyed! Do not beat yourself up for taking time to recharge your batteries when the time is right to.


This idea came from a video I saw from Mimi Ikonn recently (see the video here) with this exact title. She explains how important ‘image’ is, not just in the sense of dressing in nice clothes, but grooming and taking care of your body. It’s a fact that we feel better when we look our best, and really it can only take a couple of extra minutes in the morning to make the extra effort to do so. She actually received a fair amount of criticism for this video because I think people might take her mentality the wrong way. The message she is putting across is that if we look good we naturally feel good – and feeling good attracts good vibes!

There are two aspects of this that really came to light in my life – I am very lazy when it comes to moisturising my snake-skin-like body, and I always feel GUILTY whenever I give myself a manicure. Moisturising in the winter is a pain, and because of the time it takes for nails to dry, I feel as though I could be doing better things with my time. Even though I feel so much better when I do both of these things, I still feel incredibly guilty giving myself that time! This year I am going to make a special effort with these two aspects in particular, and I shall not allow myself to feel guilt anymore.


For me this point is even more key than eating well + exercising, which is obviously a given to live a happy and healthy life. Once a upon a time my lifestyle involved many late nights and minimal sleep due to my work, and instead of catching up on sleep I would always deprive myself so I never missed out on anything. I also used to suffer with bad night terrors and insomnia when I did try to get a good nights sleep – these can be caused by bad lifestyle or lack of sleep alone. I once saw a sleep specialist who encouraged me to take naps if I needed them – which I used to be dead against – and catch up on sleep accordingly, this has really helped me with both of the above. Of course everyone is different, but adequate sleep is something we all need.

Women in particular put such unrealistic expectations on themselves to be the perfect housewife, employee and human when you cannot – you can only keep so many balls in the air at one time. Unfortunately being human means making mistakes sometimes. Living life loving yourself is such an important thing and I don’t think enough emphasis is put on that fact. How can you expect somebody to fall and stay in love with you if you do not treat yourself with respect and care?

I challenge you all to make a change for 2016 around looking after yourselves and spending more time on trying to find inner happiness! Is there anything you think I have missed? Tell me your secrets to happiness in the comments!


Sally xx

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