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9th February 2016

Invest in YOU


Firstly, how was everybody’s January? I gotta say my year has been off to a slow start! I came back from my trip to Australia mid January and shortly after I went back to work I had surgery on my nose due to my allergies. This has certainly seen my motivation dip and my procrastination climb! On one hand I wanted to recover while I was off sick from work, but I also wanted to get ahead with my blog and use my time in bed wisely. One thing is for sure – I am set on focusing more time on my self in 2016. These are only a couple of what I believe to be the keys to becoming a more happier you this year. Read more

In Fitness, Lifestyle, Soul, Wellbeing on
29th December 2015

Are New Years Resolutions effective?

Losing weight, getting organised, saving more and staying fit – just some of the most popular New Years Resolutions for 2015. According to many articles I came across today, only 8% of  Resolutions are actually kept! Why do we bother making resolutions? Why is the 1st of January so important for us, and why do we need a specific day to make a change? Is there a better approach to take when it comes to goal setting?

There are several different cultures that began the tradition of New Years Resolutions. Babylonians would made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts, and in the Medieval era knights took a ‘peacock vow’ after Christmas to re-affirm their commitment to chivalry. When I looked into it, here are many different records of this tradition across many different eras. Interestingly it looks like New Years Resolutions have been around for decades!

In the past few years I have began writing myself a list of goals for the year. I usually do this in January and don’t really think about it until after all the Christmas festivities are over and done with. I enjoy doing this not because i’m unhappy with my life but because I like to have something to focus on and look forward to throughout the year. I have found especially recently that finding purpose and goals setting is extremely effective for me.

Another way to set yourself up for a great year I found on Gretchen Rubin‘s website. She recommends setting a theme for the year, which reminded me of a friend who once told me that a specific year was ‘year of the house’ for her. I think this type of resolution is much easier to keep, however it may be difficult to measure at the end of the year if you are a goal setter like I am.

For me I like to make my goals very specific so I can check each one off my list, though this may not suit everyone. In the past these have been ‘Save $xx’ or ‘Travel overseas’ for example. I haven’t set any goals for 2016 just yet, but I feel my theme ironically will be Wellbeing! Since starting my blog I have been so busy with trying to keep so many different balls in the air I have lost focus towards something that is so important to me. I’m not sure I will broadcast all of my goals, but I will certainly post at the end of January to report back on how I am working towards them.

Please let me know, do you have any resolutions for the New Year? Do you usually keep your resolutions?


Sally xx



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15th December 2015

Sugar – Yes please?


Can I just say that I feel like a complete hypocrite writing this post. If I had a dollar for every time I have tried to quit sugar! I’m only human! I know I have spoken about this topic a few times on the blog, but it is something that continues to fascinate me. I’m now on a journey of moderation more so than restriction and that is what works for me, though I do plan to up the ante in 2016 – watch this space.

So why is sugar so bad for us? For a start it rots our teeth, promotes fat stores around the body and gives us highs and lows in energy. Ever heard somebody tell you that you NEED sugar for energy? Wrong. Sugar contains no essential nutrients that the body cannot receive in more nutrient dense sources. Sugar can overload the liver causing fatty liver disease – and this is not exclusive to the overweight community! These are just the start of the problems that sugar can cause us.

There are a couple of ways to measure how sugar can affect the body on a cellular level. Ever seen packages displaying that a food is ‘low GI’? GI stands for Glycemic Index, which is the measurement on carbohydrate containing foods and their impact on blood sugar. This is a relatively new way of looking at carbohydrates and blood sugar, looking at the direct impact foods have on our bodies. Studies have shown that a low-GI diet can reduce the risk of multiple health risks such as stroke, diabetes, depression and even cancer.

The reason I mention GI is because I recently came across a GI ‘guide’ for sweeteners. It lists a bunch of different the sweet things in life on a scale of lowest to highest Glycemic Index. Can you guess which is the highest and the lowest? The answer may not be what you would assume!


Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.52.22 pm

Lower in GI than these examples you’ll find a lot of processed artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, Stevia and Sucralose. Those these are low GI, artificial sweeteners have many people on the fence. Though deemed ‘safe’ for consumption, they are genetically modified chemicals that we are expected to injest. I stay well away from any kind of artificial sweetener – but that discussion is for another day.

GI is just one way we can measure how sugar effects our bodies, and as I said earlier sugar can be detrimental in many different ways. I feel as though I have talked myself around in a circle with this post, but my point was that sugar can effect us all differently and it has a largely negative impact. I think 2016 could be a new chapter for this journey of mine! Tell me about your sugar story in the comments?


Sally xx


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8th December 2015

What is ‘healthy’?

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.39.23 pm
Firstly I apologise for the rant that is about to take place, but lately i’ve really started despising the word ‘healthy’. I’m struggled to get this post written because I’m not 100% sure why this subject frustrates me. It’s a word we see and use constantly – to describe lifestyle, foods or people. But what is healthy? Is it Paleo? Vegetarian? Skinny? Curvy? Does it have a 6 pack or a thigh gab? To me ‘healthy’ doesn’t exist, and over the past decade you can’t avoid seeing the word plastered everywhere – particularly on foods.

I think the main reason this word irritates me is because it is being used so freely! It’s not surprising, as I can imagine many people fall for the word, especially those on a weight loss journey. For example, do a search on Pinterest(you can see mine above) for the word ‘healthy’ and a huge variety of posts appear, most food related. Some of the titles include:

’20 Zero Calorie Foods’
‘ 10 Tummy Tightening Foods’
’13 Skinny Meals Under 300 Calories’
‘Cleansing Detox Soup’

I totally get that some of these recipes include somewhat nutritious ingredients… however I do not believe in cleansing, calorie restricting and certainly not ‘tummy tightening foods’! To me healthy is whole natural foods whenever possible but treating myself when I want to. I do not support restriction – though it may work for some people – and I do not get along with fake processed ‘low calorie’ foods.

Really I wanted to vocalise that seeing the word ‘healthy’ doesn’t always mean good health. My diet and lifestyle aren’t perfect, nobody can claim theirs is, but I try hard to look after myself. I always read the label on my food and I am aware of marketing. I get enough sleep, drink a lot of water and(try to)keep stress levels to a minimum. ‘Healthy’ doesn’t have to mean restriction – listen to your body.

This is just my opinion of what Healthy means to me. What does healthy mean to you?


Sally xx