3rd July 2013



Howdy! I’m Sally.

in 2014 I made the move from Australia to the UK. I started Sally Boebally to take my mind off home sickness and to share my thoughts with anybody interested in them. Goals are everything and feeling purposeful i’ve found is my number 1 so I need to keep busy.

I love tech and try to find ways to stay creative in my daily life from designing invitations or flyers with Adobe Illustrator to hand written calligraphy filled gifts for my friends.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease and i’ve never let it hold me back. I’ve learnt looking after yourself isn’t just for people suffering illness – it’s for everyone! Living a well life certainly does not have to mean missing out on your dreams or depriving yourself from fun. Follow my journey on Sally Boebally, I promise it won’t be boring!

Sally xx